I'm over the moon with my results! Liposuction was the best decision I've ever made and I can't believe I never have to wear Spanx again!

Maria Fowler

What is Liposuction?

A strict diet and exercise regime doesn’t always get rid of those stubborn fatty areas we loathe. That is where MYA’s liposuction procedures come in. There are 3 forms of liposuction to choose from at MYA: Vaser Liposuction, Laser Liposuction and traditional liposuction.

Liposuction is the removal of fat from deposits beneath the skin using a hollow stainless steel tube called a cannula with the assistance of a powerful vacuum to reshape the area of treatment and liposculpture. It is carried out under local or general anaesthetic in a MYA hospital or clinic. With liposuction you are able to have multiple areas treated at the same time meaning procedure time can vary from 30 minutes – 2 hours.

Liposuction is not designed as a weight loss treatment or to tackle obesity. People who fall into this category will need to seek advice from their GP. Prior to your consultation your BMI (body mass index) will be assessed, this will help the surgeon determine your suitability. There are physiological limitations as to the quantity of fat that can be removed at any one time. Realistic expectations are the most important aspect when considering liposuction. Your surgeon will discuss the limitations surrounding this procedure at your consultation.

MYA recommend 7 – 10 days off work after a liposuction. During this time the area must be kept clean and dry. You will have small incision sights in the area treated there will be dissolvable sutures. Wearing your supplied garment is also compulsory for 4 – 6 weeks this will help reduce swelling and assist with your result.

  • Purpose – Removal of up to 4 – 6 litres of fat
  • Sedation – Local or General Anaesthetic
  • Patient criteria – Must be within 1 stone of ideal weight
  • Treatment areas – multiple areas.
  • Location of treatments – Private hospital, day case or overnight stay.
  • Recovery/Aftercare – Additional recovery time is needed and less likely to return to activities for the first few days

Before & Afters

Vaser 1 - 1 Vaser 1 - 2 2 - 1 2 - 2 4 - 1 4 - 2 6 - 1 6 - 2 A-S-MYA276330-Pre A-S-MYA276330-Post C-J-MYA394152-PreC-J-MYA394152-Post E-S-MYA379400-PreE-S-MYA379400-Post I-M-MYA3811655-PreI-M-MYA3811655-Post J-B-MYA379946-Front-PreJ-B-MYA379946-Front-Post J-B-MYA379946-Side-PreJ-B-MYA379946-Side-Post J-W-MYA385082-PreJ-W-MYA385082-Post K-K-MYA377378-PreK-K-MYA377378-Post K-S-MYA372629-PreK-S-MYA372629-Post R-B-MYA382525-PreR-B-MYA382525-Post R-F-MYA383812-PreR-F-MYA383812-Post A-B-MYA393732-Side-PreA-B-MYA393732-Side-Post A-B-MYA393732-Bra-roll-PreA-B-MYA393732-Bra-roll-Post C-B-MYA400684-Pre-Vaser-Joffilly-left-Side-Abdo C-B-MYA400684-Post-Vaser-Joffilly-left-Side-Abdo C-L-MYA390623-Vaser-Kingdon-Abdo-Pre C-L-MYA390623-Vaser-Kingdon-Abdo-4weeks-Post D-A-MYA377096-Vaser-Fitzroy-Kingdon-Pre D-A-MYA377096-Vaser-Fitzroy-Kingdon-Post-28yrs I-F-MYA400052-Pre-Vaser-Chin I-F-MYA400052-Post-Vaser-Chin S-R-MYA415269-Pre-Vaser-side-abdo-and-flanks-dark-skin S-R-MYA415269-11days-post-side-Vaser-abdo-and-flanks-dark-skin Z-W-MYA412012-Pre-Vaser-Abdo-side-view Z-W-MYA412012-6week-post-Vaser-Abdo-side-view A-B-MYA393732-Arms-Pre A-B-MYA393732-Arms-post

Take a look below to find some lipo before and after photos so you can see the outcome of just some of our patients’ journeys with MYA. With just a short procedure, your body could be transformed and confidence increased; just like our patients who have undergone Vaser Liposuction, Laser Liposuction and traditional liposuction.

Whether you want to target your face, tummy, knees, arms or inner and outer thighs, Liposuction is suitable for reshaping various areas all over the body. Some people find that simply sticking to a strict diet and exercise routine doesn’t always get rid of stubborn areas of fat. However, if you are within 2 stone of ideal weight, liposuction could be the answer to reducing those problem areas.

Liposuction involves the removal of fat from fatty deposits under the skin with the option of targeting multiple areas at the same time. Your surgeon will sculpt and contour the treatment area so you are left with an amazing shape and renewed body confidence.

At MYA, we provide all the information you need so you know exactly what to expect from lipo before and after you start your journey with us. Click through to see more photos showing our patients incredible transformations.


What type of liposuction is right for me?

What does it involve? Who is it suitable for?
VASER Liposuction LA or LA & Sedation
Performed in a clinic
3 – 4 days off work
Removes stubborn pockets of fat with sculpting and contouring of the body
Up to 4 litres of fat removed
Within 1 stone of ideal weight and with a BMI of under 30
Range of patient sizes
Several areas can be treated at one time
Patients wanting high quantities of fat removing without GA and with minimal downtime
Laser Liposuction Local anaesthetic
Performed in a clinic
2 – 3 days off work
Removes stubborn pockets of fat with sculpting and contouring of the body
Up to 2 litres of fat removed
Within 2 stone of ideal weight
Smaller patients e.g. size 8 – 10
1 – 2 areas treated at one time
Patients wanting small quantities of fat removing without GA and with minimal downtime
Traditional Liposuction General anaesthetic
Performed in a hospital
1 week off work
Removes stubborn pockets of fat with sculpting and contouring of the
Up to 5 litres of fat removed
Patients with a BMI under 30
Range of patient sizes
Several areas can be treated at one time
Patients wanting high quantities of fat removing under GA and untroubled by the downtime


If your BMI is over 30, you may not be a healthy candidate for Liposuction

What areas can I get done?

Liposuction areas


Vaser Lipo – up to 4 litres of fat
Laser Lipo – up to 2 litres of fat
Traditional Lipo – up to 5 litres of fat


Vaser is carried out under Local Anaesthetic and Sedation. The areas that are treated are numbed with the local anaesthetic and the sedation causes a state of calm but you will still be awake. You won’t be able to feel the procedure taking place but you may be aware of movement. Speak with other Vaser patients by joining the MYA Forum.


For Vaser you can return to work after 3 – 4 days. Recovery can be different depending on the patient and / or areas treated so you will be in some discomfort for the first day but this will ease.

For Laser you will require 2 – 3 days before you can return to work and again recovery depends on the individual and treated areas. Some discomfort for the first day but it will again ease.

For Traditional Liposuction you will require 7 – 10 days off work. Again, recovery depends on the individual but you will feel more discomfort than Vaser or Laser due to bruising but this will ease with rest.


Your garment is a “Spanx” like material that is supplied by Macom to help support and reduce swelling. It will be ordered from measurements taken by your clinic nurse at your pre op assessment. If you have your stomach, pubic mound, bra roll or flanks treated with Vaser Liposuction then you will be required to wear a 4D vest which is a thick padded garment for extra support.


Prices vary from each individual to the next but a rule of thumb is that liposuction is costed “per area” that you wish to have fat sucked from. The more fat you get removed, the more time you will be operated on and the more your procedure will cost. The best way to get an exact price for your liposuction procedure is to come in for a free consultation at a MYA clinic. All you need to do to enquire is fill out the online enquiry form at the top of the page or call now on 08000 14 10 14.


Your Patient Coordinator of course! Book your consultation now and they will be able to answer all your questions and they may have even had liposuction themselves. The MYA Space Forum is also an excellent place to get information from real patients who have had all types of liposuction. Click here to visit MYA Space now.

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