I'm absolutely thrilled with my results! It was the best decision I have ever made as it's brought me so much confidence. Thank you MYA!

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Before & Afters

Vaser 1 - 1
Vaser 1 - 2

2 - 1
2 - 2

4 - 1
4 - 2

6 - 1
6 - 2

A-S-MYA276330-Pre A-S-MYA276330-Post













C-B-MYA400684-Pre-Vaser-Joffilly-left-Side-Abdo C-B-MYA400684-Post-Vaser-Joffilly-left-Side-Abdo

C-L-MYA390623-Vaser-Kingdon-Abdo-Pre C-L-MYA390623-Vaser-Kingdon-Abdo-4weeks-Post

D-A-MYA377096-Vaser-Fitzroy-Kingdon-Pre D-A-MYA377096-Vaser-Fitzroy-Kingdon-Post-28yrs

I-F-MYA400052-Pre-Vaser-Chin I-F-MYA400052-Post-Vaser-Chin

S-R-MYA415269-Pre-Vaser-side-abdo-and-flanks-dark-skin S-R-MYA415269-11days-post-side-Vaser-abdo-and-flanks-dark-skin

Z-W-MYA412012-Pre-Vaser-Abdo-side-view Z-W-MYA412012-6week-post-Vaser-Abdo-side-view

A-B-MYA393732-Arms-Pre A-B-MYA393732-Arms-post

Take a look below to find some lipo before and after photos so you can see the outcome of just some of our patients’ journeys with MYA. With just a short procedure, your body could be transformed and confidence increased; just like our patients who have undergone Vaser Liposuction, Laser Liposuction and traditional liposuction.

Whether you want to target your face, tummy, knees, arms or inner and outer thighs, Liposuction is suitable for reshaping various areas all over the body. Some people find that simply sticking to a strict diet and exercise routine doesn’t always get rid of stubborn areas of fat. However, if you are within 2 stone of ideal weight, liposuction could be the answer to reducing those problem areas.

Liposuction involves the removal of fat from fatty deposits under the skin with the option of targeting multiple areas at the same time. Your surgeon will sculpt and contour the treatment area so you are left with an amazing shape and renewed body confidence.

At MYA, we provide all the information you need so you know exactly what to expect from lipo before and after you start your journey with us. Click through to see more photos showing our patients incredible transformations.

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