Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping


Non-surgical nose reshaping can offer a subtle but definitive change to the appearance of the nose. We use dermal fillers based on Hyarluronic acid to treat an extensive variety of nose deformities as follows:

  • Bumps or deformities on the bridge.
  • A nose that is not symmetrical.
  • A nose bends to one side or is out of shape.
  • A flat nose with no shape.

Without the need for general anaesthetic clients remain conscious during the treatment and can see exactly where the filler is being used to provide the desired result.

The treatment will require a top up about once a year depending on the product used.

MYA’s non-surgical partner is First Clinical Aesthetics


How Long Does The Treatment Take?

The treatment takes 30 minutes and you can leave immediately after

Does It Hurt?

The treatment contains local anaesthetic and the majority of clients tolerate the procedure with minimal discomfort.

Do I Need Time Off Work?

The majority of clients return to work the same or next day. The injection site may feel a little sore with some slight redness. This is perfectly normal and will diminish quickly.

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