Why did you want the procedure?

I wanted a breast enlargement since being quite young, my boobs had never grown like my other friends in school. I just didn’t feel fulfilled as a person. Initially I wasn’t thinking about it very seriously but it did cross my mind very often whenever I wore certain outfits, bikinis or underwear. I knew in my mind how I wanted my body to look and it was just disappointing. However, the last 2 final years before I had my boobs done, I was so excited and couldn’t wait until I got them done. I wasn’t nervous like many people would think, I was just filled with excitement.

Were your friends/family/partner supportive?

I can’t remember who I told first but I had always spoken about it to my friends and family for years so they knew it had always been on my mind. My friends and my family have always been supportive of me because they always said, ‘if you really want it done and it’s going to make you happy then do it’ but always said ‘you don’t need it done’. It’s true I didn’t need it but I knew it would make me so happy. My boyfriend supported me, however, like all typical boyfriends, he did say that I didn’t need it doing and if I’m not doing it for him, he’s happy because he liked my breasts the way they were already. I told my dad last because he’s the one who was completely against it. He got angry at first as he told me I should be happy with my body the way it is and didn’t want me to talk to him about it. He was especially worried because I had never had an operation before. I just went ahead with it anyway because I had finally made my final decision and in the end he got his head around the fact I was going to do it and started supporting me.

Was your procedure done in time for a special occasion or reason?

I had just booked a trip to Bali with my boyfriend a few months before and I arranged it with my patient co-ordinator that my boobs were going to be okay for traveling so there wouldn’t be any complications, which was amazing.

Why did you choose MYA as your cosmetic surgery provider?

I chose MYA because a few of my friends had been with them before which made me consider them from the get go. I did a lot of research beforehand and joined the MYA forum which I found was absolutely amazing. It was so useful as you were able to talk to other girls about their procedures and because they were real life stories, they aren’t biased. You get to hear the good and the bad about recovery, see before and after pictures, find girls on there that are your ‘before’ size and see what size implants look like after. It really gave me great insight into the journey I was going to be going on in every detail. The forum is something no other cosmetic surgery provider has and  that’s why I stayed with MYA because you’re able to get the intimate details about your journey that you can’t elsewhere.

How was your consultation (initial and surgeon)?

My initial consultation with my patient co-ordinator was great. I can’t remember what we talked about but I do remember talking about surgeons and who she recommended, which was Dr Traynor. My friend and step sister both had him so I knew I wasn’t going to have any issues because I’d seen theirs and they were fab! We also talked about what size and types of implants are available. My consultation with my surgeon was quite straight forward, no messing. He wasn’t not friendly if that makes sense but he was very professional and made sure I knew about potential risks after a breast enlargement. He talked about what type of implant size would suit my body frame as I am quite petite and small. He gave me a range of 3-4 implant sizes to choose from therefore from then I went and did my research on those implant sizes.

How did you fund your procedure?

I used my university loans – haha! I paid the first half from my uni loan then took out finance to pay for the rest.

How was the day of your procedure?

The day of the procedure was exciting! I woke up that morning and I was just so excited; I don’t remember having any nerves or being scared, I was just so happy that the day was finally here and I was getting my boobs done. I had waited for so long!

How was your recovery?

My recovery was super easy, I had no pain afterwards so I didn’t take any painkiller. I did go over the muscle, which is less invasive and is a much quicker recovery! I was out of the house by the weekend/1st week. The only thing that was a minus was the discomfort when I had to sleep upright as it gave me a bad back and numb bum haha! Other than that, it was so easy and I would 100% do it all again. The nurses at the hospital were lovely and they couldn’t do enough for you; they were constantly checking on me, making sure that I was okay or needed anything. It couldn’t have been any more perfect. I brought my mum and boyfriend along, which made me feel really supported. I knew before I went in surgery they were going to be there when I woke up, which helped a lot.

Are you happy with your results?

I am happy with the results I love the shape of them – of course like all girls say, they wish they went bigger so of course I do wish they were a bit bigger!

Would you recommend this procedure and MYA to others?

I would 100% recommended anyone to go to MYA for a breast enlargement if want to have have a great experience like mine! I know everybody is different though so their recovery could be harder than mine. I’m looking forward to feeling a lot more confident and content within myself the rest of my life!

Has this procedure changed your life?

It’s changed my life for the better, I’m a lot happier and fulfilled that I’ve done something that I’ve always wanted. I can wear lingerie without feeling like I’m missing something!

What tips or advice would you give someone looking to have a procedure?

The tips and advice I would give is that make sure you do your research beforehand into the ins and outs of everything from surgeons, implant sizes, profiles, the risks and make sure that you’re prepared for the change your body is going to go through. I would also recommend joining the MYA Forum!!!! It helped me so much that I think without it I don’t think I would have gone through with the surgery.

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